Station & Trucks

Here’s some information about our station and trucks

Update 6-9-2018: We have bought two fire trucks, a 4X6 tender, and a 4X4 brush truck.  Both are not in service yet, we are fitting them out with tools and the proper radios and such, but both will be in service soon!  Training on their operation has already begun.

The Ridgway Fire department houses 7 trucks and a UTV at the station in town.  We also now have EMS sharing our building in the north section of our addition.

The Ridgway Volunteer Department is headquartered at 421 N Railroad St. in Downtown Ridgway, Colorado, next to the park.  N 38 09′ 11.6″ / W 107 45′ 18.1″  Seven trucks, and a UTV are located at our main station on Railroad St. A second station housing one engine is located at Elk Meadows.

Two engines (pumpers) and two tenders (water trucks) sit ready for action in our main station. In addition to that, we have two 4×4 brush trucks, and a 6×6 UTV with a pump and water tank.

Some pictures of our Big Red Trucks: